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self priming pump manufacturers explain how to achieve standardized cleaning of self priming pump

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/8/13 10:44:19

Self-priming pumps need to be cleaned regularly after a period of use. Generally, products with similar and clean water media do not need to be cleaned. For example, pipeline chemical pump products, but if the transported medium is turbid, the medium contains particles. Or for liquids with higher viscosity, because there will be dirt in the pump body after a long time of use, it is necessary to clean the self priming pump regularly.
  The specific method of cleaning the self priming pump and the cleaning precautions are as follows:
1. Turn over the casing before cleaning, and clean the inside of the casing with an air source. Check the appearance of the cushion of the casing. There should be no significant damage such as cracks and scratches. Otherwise, it should be replaced. Check the appearance of the pump casing. There should be no deformation or cracks. , The joint surface should be bright, free from damage and scratches, otherwise it should be repaired or replaced.
  2. Check the impeller, the impeller corrosion, wear and cavitation cannot be overrun. If cracks, damage and deformation are found, it is necessary to replace the new impeller. Check that the pump shaft should be free of scratches, roughness or corrosion. The keys and keyways should work closely together. Excessive twists and turns of the pump shaft can be straightened. Surface damage or corrosion can be repaired or replaced.
  3. When cleaning the pump body, be careful not to injure the maintenance personnel. If the pump body is repaired by welding, fire-fighting methods should be set to avoid fire. Clean and check the rotor parts. Clean the rotor parts and use non-flammable cleaning agents to avoid fire.
   When installing after cleaning, you should put the self priming pump on the base of the demand device first, put on the anchor screws, and then adjust the position of the base. The function of the horn is to increase the stability of the equipment on the base.
   After aligning and leveling the base, tighten the anchor screws of the small self priming pump. The object of the pad must be stable. After the anchor screw is tightened, its level should be rechecked. Unsteady leveling of the base unit will cause vibration and noise, and it will also affect the self-priming function. The base should be leveled before connecting it. For the outlet pipeline, pay special attention to the sealing function of the inlet pipeline. If the inlet pipeline of the self priming pump has a small hole with a large needle hole, it will directly affect the phenomenon that the equipment does not leak.

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