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Answers to the problem of low speed of Diesel trash pump

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/8/17 15:43:52

Diesel trash pump is a very mainstream pump valve device. Its advantages are good self-priming performance, strong flow capacity, and convenient movement. Integrating self-priming and non-clogging sewage discharge, it can not only need to press the bottom valve, do not need to irrigate water, but also suck the waste and sediment containing large solid blocks and long fibers like a general clean water self-priming pump. The treatment of impurities, feces and all engineering sewage can completely reduce the labor intensity of workers, and it is convenient to use, move and install, with minimal maintenance and stable performance.
   Although the phenomenon of diesel trash pump speed being too low is rarely seen, it may also occur under some special circumstances. There are many reasons, including:
   1. Human factors. Due to the damage of the original diesel engine, some users arbitrarily equipped with another diesel engine to drive, resulting in small flow, low lift or even no water supply.
  2. Mechanical failure of diesel trash pump itself. The impeller and pump shaft fastening nut is loose or the pump shaft is deformed and bent, causing the impeller to move too much, directly rubbing against the pump body, or bearing damage, which may reduce the speed of the pump.
   3. The power machine is not repaired properly. Diesel engine loses magnetism due to winding burnt, changes in winding turns, wire diameter, wiring method during maintenance, or failure to completely eliminate factors during maintenance will also change the speed of diesel trash pump.
  4. The failure or blockage of the gate valve and the check valve will reduce the flow rate or even fail to pump water.
  5. Leakage of the outlet pipe will also affect the water lift.
   6. The bottom valve cannot be opened. It is usually because the pump is left for too long, the gasket of the bottom valve is stuck, and the bottom valve without gasket may rust.
  7. The filter screen of the bottom valve is blocked; or the bottom valve is blocked in the sludge layer in the potential water.
   8. The impeller is severely worn. The impeller blades wear out after long-term use, which affects the pump performance.
  9. The suction range is too large: some water sources are deeper, and some water sources have a relatively flat outer terrain, and the allowable suction range of the pump is ignored, which results in little water absorption or no water absorption at all. It is necessary to know that the degree of vacuum that can be established at the suction port of the water pump is limited. The suction range of an absolute vacuum is about 10 meters water column height, and it is impossible for a water pump to establish an absolute vacuum. Moreover, if the vacuum is too large, it is easy to vaporize the water in the pump, which is unfavorable to the operation of the pump. Therefore, each centrifugal pump has its maximum allowable suction stroke, which is generally between 3 and 8.5 meters. When installing a water pump, it must not be simple and convenient.
  10. The resistance loss in the water inlet and outlet pipes is too large
   Some users have measured that although the vertical distance from the reservoir or water tower to the water surface is slightly less than the pump lift, the water lift is still small or unable to lift the water. The reason is often that the pipe is too long, the water pipe has many bends, and the resistance loss of the water flow in the pipe is too large. The reason is often that the pipe is too long, the water pipe has many bends, and the resistance loss of the water flow in the pipe is too large. Under normal circumstances, the resistance of a 90-degree elbow is greater than that of a 120-degree elbow. The head loss of each 90-degree elbow is about 0.5-1 meter, and the resistance of every 20 meters of pipe can make the head loss about 1 meter. In addition, some users also arbitrarily choose the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes of the pump, which also have a certain influence on the head.

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