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Starting, running and stopping of electric fire pump

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  The electric fire pump is an important part of the fire water supply system. It consists of two parts: a motor and a pump. The pump and the motor are coaxial. The pump structure includes pump body, impeller, pump cover, mechanical seal and other components. It is suitable for building fire protection engineering, high-rise building water supply, water tower water supply, long-distance transportation, circulating pressurization, and also suitable for heating rooms, boilers, hot water stations, and cold and hot water circulation.
  Starting, running and stopping of electric fire pump
  1, start:
   1) The rotation direction of the pump should be clockwise when viewed from the drive end to the pump direction.
    2) Before connecting the pump and the motor, it should be determined whether the rotation direction of the motor is correct and whether the rotation of the pump is flexible;
   3) Close the gate valve of the discharge pipeline;
   4) Fill the pump with water, or use a vacuum pump to divert water;
   5) Turn on the power, when the pump reaches the normal speed, gradually open the gate valve on the discharge pipeline and adjust to the required working conditions. When the gate valve on the spit line is closed, the zero flow operation time should not exceed 1 minute, otherwise the pump temperature will rise rapidly;
   6) It is not allowed to run without water, otherwise it will damage the mechanical seal and impeller.
  2, running
    1) During driving and operation, you must pay attention to observe whether the meter readings, motor heating, sealing water leakage, pump vibration and noise, etc. are normal, if abnormal conditions are found, they should be dealt with in time;
   2) If the matching part of the sealing ring and the impeller is worn too much, replace the new sealing ring.
   3) During transmission and operation, be sure to pay attention to the meter readings, bearing heating, packing disclosure, and whether the vibration and sound of the heating pump are normal. If abnormalities are found, they should be dealt with in time;
   4) The bearing temperature rise reflects the assembly quality of the pump. The bearing temperature rise should not be higher than the ambient temperature by 35 degrees, and the maximum temperature should not be higher than 75 degrees;
   5) When the bearing pump rotor is running, there is a certain axial movement. The axial movement should be within the allowable range, and the gap value between the two coupling ends of the motor and the water pump should be guaranteed.
  3, stop (close the pressure gauge cock before stopping, gradually close the outlet gate valve, close the outlet valve and then stop, close the pump suction valve after the pump stops)
   1) Gradually close the gate valve on the discharge pipeline and cut off the power supply;
   2) If the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃, the water in the pump should be discharged to avoid freezing and cracking the pump body;
   3) If the pump is not to be used for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, oiled, and packaged for storage.

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