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What is the suction stroke of a self priming pump, and what factors affect the suction stroke

Author: admin Source: the internet Posted On: 2020/9/7 10:23:28

The self priming pump is a new type of machine that sucks water out through the pump body's own ability. It has excellent performance, deep suction and large flow, which greatly saves working time and manpower. It can be said It is an indispensable part of our modern life.
   The suction stroke of a self priming pump, in short, is the height of self-priming. The suction range is also called the "maximum self-priming height" (also can be understood as the "degree of self-priming"). That is, the maximum height (the vertical distance between the pump suction port and the liquid surface to be pumped) that the micro pump can automatically suck up water without adding water.
   Generally, when the water source is lower than or equal to the position of the pump, the pump needs to have self-priming ability. For example, when traveling outdoors, you need to pump water from the river. It is best to use a miniature pump with self-priming capability (it is impossible for people to run into the river to add water to the inlet pipe). Or the pumped liquid is corroded, it is inconvenient to add water, etc.
   Usually the conditions are measured in meters, which can be called the self-priming height. Of course, the vertical distance is mentioned here, and the size of the suction stroke is generally closely related to the power structure and flow rate of the self priming pump.
  The suction range is also affected by the suction device. E.g
   1. Install a self-priming cylinder in front of the pump to increase the geometric backflow height.
   2. Reduce the number of elbows in the inlet pipe.
   3. Increase the diameter of the inlet pipe.
   As for the scope of use, generally speaking, self-priming pumps are used for environmental protection, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, and various industries are involved. Because of its simple operation and remarkable effects, it is sought after by many people.
   In addition, self-priming pumps are very practical for clean water, liquids with pH, ​​and seawater. In addition, the operation is relatively fast, stable, and wear-resistant, which has brought many loyal fans to the self priming pump.

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