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Note on the operation of fire fighting jockey pump

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  The fire fighting jockey pump pressure tanks are set according to the capacity requirements of "small tanks". The effective volume of the fire fighting pressure water tank is 300L for the fire hydrant system, 150L for the automatic sprinkler system, and 450L if the two systems are used together. . This type of pneumatic water supply device can still maintain the system pressure within 30s when the stabilized pump fails. Moreover, the signal to start the main fire pump can be generated in time when the working pressure of the system drops to the set pressure of the main fire pump. Therefore, the failure of the fire fighting jockey pump has little effect on the safety of the system's water supply. Even in extreme cases, the high-level water tank is still The task of supplying water to the system is just that the water pressure in the most unfavorable position of the system is affected. The working process of this method is roughly as follows: the pressure of the air pressure water tank is provided by the pressure stabilizing pump. When the pressure of the air pressure water tank reaches the set requirement, the pressure stabilizing pump stops, and the pressure of the pipe network is usually provided by the air pressure water tank to meet the water supply of the system. Pressure water requirement. When the system pressure drops to a certain set level, the stabilized pump will start to make up the system pressure before stopping.


  1. The fire pump set is used for suction lift occasions, that is, when the inlet is under negative pressure, the pipeline should be filled with water or a vacuum pump should be used to divert water to fill the entire pump and inlet pipeline. Note that the inlet pipeline must be sealed. There is air leakage. (It is strictly forbidden to start without water ingress before starting, water must be advanced before starting)

  2. Close the gate valve and pressure gauge cock on the outlet pipe to reduce the starting current.

  3. Rotate the rotor a few times by hand to lubricate the bearing and check whether the impeller and the seal ring in the pump are running for friction. If it does not rotate, it should not be started until the cause of the fault is found.

  4. Try to start, the rotation of the motor should be consistent with the arrow on the pump, and open the meter cock.

  5. When the rotor reaches normal operation and the pressure gauge shows pressure, gradually open the outlet gate valve and adjust to the required working condition.

fire fighting jockey pump


  1. When the fire pump set is in operation, you must pay attention to the meter readings, try to make the pump work near the flow head specified on the nameplate, and strictly prevent large flow operation.

  2. Regularly check that the motor current value should not exceed the rated current.

  3. The bearing temperature of the fire pump set must not be higher than 75°C, and must not exceed the outside temperature of 35°C.

  4. The packing gland should be loosened when the pump set starts to operate, and adjusted to an appropriate level when the expanded graphite or packing is fully expanded.

  5. The wearing parts should be replaced in time if they are too worn.

  6. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, immediately stop the machine and check the cause.


  1. Close the gate valve on the outlet pipe and close the cock of the vacuum gauge.

  2. Stop the motor, and then close the pressure gauge cock.

  3. If there is a cold winter season, the liquid in the pump should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking.

  4. If the pump is not used for a long time, the pump should be disassembled, cleaned and oiled, and stored properly.

  Under normal circumstances, the pressure of the pipe network is maintained through the operation of the fire fighting jockey pump (alternate operation). The operating frequency of the fire fighting jockey pump is adjusted by the feedback signal of the pressure gauge installed on the pipe, that is, when the pressure of the pipe network is less than the set value Hour

  Run times, increase the water output. When one pump runs to the power frequency for a period of time (time is adjustable) and the pipe network pressure is still less than the set value, the next pump is put into operation. If the pressure is still high, the power frequency water pump will automatically stop running.

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