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The reason why high pressure fire water pump does not flow out and its maintenance measures

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/12/11 9:37:47

  High pressure fire water pump is a device often used by firefighters. It has the advantages of fast fire extinguishing speed and small water collapse loss. It is one of the ideal equipment to improve the fire fighting ability of medium-sized fire trucks.

  high pressure fire water pump has a great effect in fire fighting. In order to diagnose some faults and phenomena, such as water cut, stuffing box overheating, excessive power consumption, etc., the pump needs to be repaired at ordinary times. Today we are going to understand the reasons why the high pressure fire water pump does not produce water and its maintenance measures.

  1. The pump is not filled with water or properly vented. Maintenance measures: Check whether the pump casing and inlet pipes are all filled with liquid.

  2. The speed is too low. Maintenance measures: check that the motor wiring is correct, the voltage is normal or the steam pressure of the steam turbine is normal.

  3. The head of the fire pump system is too high. Maintenance: Measures to check the system head (especially friction loss).

  4. The inhalation range is too high. Maintenance measures: check the existing net pressure head.

High pressure fire water pump

  5. The impeller or pipe is blocked. Maintenance measures: Check for obstacles.

  6. The direction of rotation of the fire pump is wrong. Maintenance measures: check the steering.

  7. Air is generated or the inlet pipe leaks. Check to see if there are any maintenance measures for gas and air leakage in the inlet pipe.

  8. The packing or seals in the stuffing box are worn, causing air to leak into the pump casing. Maintenance measures: Check packing or seal should be replaced as needed, and check lubrication should be normal.

  9. Insufficient suction head when pumping hot or volatile liquids. Repair measures: increase the suction head, consult the manufacturer.

  10. The bottom valve is too small. Maintenance measures: Install the correct size foot valve.

  11. The bottom valve or inlet pipe is not immersed deep enough. Maintenance measures: The manufacturer should be consulted for the correct immersion depth. Repair the vortex with a baffle.

  12. The fire pump impeller clearance is too large. Check whether the gap between is correct.

  13. The impeller is damaged. Maintenance measures: check the impeller and replace it as required.

  14. The impeller diameter is too small. Repair measures: consult the manufacturer for the correct impeller diameter.

  15. The position of the pressure gauge is incorrect. Maintenance measures: Check whether the position is correct and whether the nozzle or pipe exits from the inspection.

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