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The diesel driven pump category will be divided, and the machine tool product will no longer be single

Author: Source: Posted On: 2020/11/9 11:15:12

  Diesel driven pump are equipped with a bottom valve for water suction, which is installed on the water inlet, but different types of water pumps have different bottom valves. The bottom valve on the self-priming diesel water pump does not have a check valve, and its bottom valve simply functions to filter the large substances in the water.

  The check valves of the diesel driven pump are all in the pump body, so it is called a self-priming water pump. When filling water, you only need to fill the pump body. And some check valves are above the bottom valve, which has the dual function of preventing the water that has been added in the water pipe from flowing into the river and ensuring the filtering of some debris. These bottom valves seem to be simple, but in fact there are differences, which can be judged by the impedance of the diesel engine fire pump and the size of the water pipe. Connect the motor windings in series or in parallel, and then connect a variable resistor, adjust the speed to about half of the rated horsepower, and keep it dry.

  Diesel driven pump has very strict requirements for sealing. When replacing the lubricant in the sealed chamber, if the oil is found to be very turbid and has a high water content. The entire sealing box must be replaced or replaced. The check valve cannot be easily damaged and the integrity must be maintained. To ensure good sealing performance. Check the bearing of the diesel engine fire pump. Replace the bearing in time. It is strictly forbidden to use it in the case of damage. You can also shorten the pipeline as much as possible. The anti-aircraft gun type outlet pipe is not used. The angle of the lift is too large and the impact of the check valve is also very great. big.

  The outlet pipe increases energy consumption, and at the same time, make the outlet of the diesel engine fire pump face the pool, and try to enlarge the diameter of the outlet pipe. Clear the blockage in the pipeline in time, and do not leave foreign matter in the water inlet pipe or the flow channel of the diversion shell, which will reduce the water output of the diesel water pump. Try to use coupling for direct transmission. This is because coupling direct transmission is more efficient than belt transmission, and there is no loss of kinetic energy. Under the premise of ensuring clean water, the filter can be removed. Carefully check the sealing parts of the diesel engine fire pump, and the water output will be significantly reduced. Use diesel engine or gasoline engine, if possible, you can choose better bottom valve.

  Use the power meter to measure the power of the water pump windings and the engine, first remove the water on the engine. When the bottom valve is not used, to keep the outside dry, you can refer to the following method, the combined drying method of the two at the same time. The external drying method is to use an external heat source for processing. Simple and common measures can be taken: blowing hot air, using the blower of the electric heater to aim at the bottom valve of the diesel engine water pump for a period of time. To achieve the purpose of drying. Bulb baking, a very interesting drying method, uses a 200 watt bulb for baking in a closed box, which can easily solve the damp problem of the bottom valve of the diesel fire pump.

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